MemoryStoreService constantly throwing Request Failed error

What happens:
In my game for the past few hours (Not exactly sure how many hours ago) calling MemoryStoreSortedMap.UpdateAsync/GetAsync/SetAsync is throwing an error “Request Failed.” almost all the time. I have not made any changes to my code recenlty. Here is a screenshot of the console:

(Some “Request Failed.” are shown as warnings due to my code using pcall and showing the error message as a warning.

This happens in both full servers with 30 players and private servers with 1 player.

What should happen:
Calling MemoryStoreSortedMap.UpdateAsync/GetAsync/SetAsync should not frequently throw an error “Request Failed.”

When it happens:
Almost always.

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Issue is happening to me too. Doesn’t seem to be any further information either.


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Hello @nick_hz and @shackhorn! I am not seeing the same errors on my end. I have disabled any changes that were made yesterday to this service. Could you’ll please try again and check if you’ll are still seeing the same issue?
Also if you both could DM me the schema for your MemoryStoreSortedMap and an example of a <key, value> pair you’re writing to it, I can try reproducing it on my end.

The issue seems to have stopped at around 17:18 UTC

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Thanks for the update and for filing a bug report :slight_smile:
The issue should be resolved now