MemoryStoreService Get Available Quota


Need some info for the MemoryStoreService because I kept getting “Request Failed” response when trying to get and set data. I’m only writing about 10 times a minute and maybe reading 30 times a minute, so not sure what’s going on.

  1. Is there a way to get the current available quota for MemoryStoreService?
  2. For Memory Size Quota, is 64KB + 1KB ⨉ [number of users] per each key or all live keys combined?

Thanks in advance,

That’s for all live keys across the entire experience, the quota is applied to the experience itself, not its individual server instances.

10 write requests per minute per key may be too frequent (depending on the data you’re writing), likewise 30 read requests per minute per key may be too frequent (depending on the date you’re reading).

Oh okay, thanks. I’m guessing I have to keep track of the total data size I’m using for now to know I’m not exceeding the quota.

As for the limits, according to the documentation, aren’t the requests limits 1000 + 100 ⨉ [number of users]? Or is the limits lower in studio.

**Looks like I’m no longer receiving the Request Failed error, maybe server’s were just under load at the time.