MemoryStoreService Maintenance

Hello developers,

We will be performing maintenance of MemoryStoreService on Thursday, November 11th, between 8PM and 9PM PST, to improve its stability and performance. Unfortunately, this will require us to completely reset the service including any data that are stored in the system.

What to expect:

  • Shortly after 8PM on Thursday, November 11th, MemoryStoreService will become unavailable and all API calls will return an error.
  • MemoryStoreService will then restart and it’s memory will be completely reset. Any data stored prior to the downtime will no longer be accessible and all quota usage will be reset to zero.

We don’t expect the downtime to last for longer than a few minutes, and will post here when the service is back up and ready for use again. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Thank you,
The Developer Services Team


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so are there any plans to make it keep data in the future?

also how often will Maintenance like this be happening?


Please re-read the announcement, this is not regarding DataStoreService, but MemoryStoreService. You should not be storing player data in there.

cc: @ValiantWind you too.


It’s referring to the memory stores, not datastores. Memory stores are not designed to be fully persistent so they will never support this.


Again, that should not be how MemoryStoreService is used. It’s used for temporary data; it is not persistent. If this affects your game long-term after the maintence is complete, you are using the service wrong.

cc @dragonknightflies you might wanna clarify this for developers who do not understand the difference. :slightly_smiling_face:


In the release they clearly stated that MemoryStore was never intended to store data for a long time, it’s not designed to keep data. Use it together with normal DataStore if you need data kept as stated in the service’s release. They also stated DataStore & MemoryStore systems are completely separate from each other. If you lose crucial data from this, you are at fault for not setting it up correctly.

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It’s a problem with their design then, the memory stores should only be used as a frequent cache and the long term data should still be stored in the datastores, that way you can re-seed the memorystores in cases like this

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Sorry. I’m not an expert in this kind of stuff.

I’m not familiar with MemoryStoreService. I’m a newbie at scripting.

My apologies if I sound like a complete idiot. (I probably do look like that when I try to “help” out in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support)

CC: @FloweryMonkeyboy5 @MineJulRBX_FS

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oooh. Ok good. I was scared I as gonna lose player data.

playerdata shouldn’t even be saved in MemoryStore. playerdata should be saved in a regular data store using the DataStoreService for data reliability. oops someone replied first :sweat_smile:


Sounds good. Keep up the solid work in this area! MemoryStores have been fantastic thus far.

Will there be precautions in the future so that this doesn’t have to be done in the future, as I have heard that a lot of people have been using MemoryStoreService as a way to session lock in conjunction with datastores, which would break these systems.

This will basically break any matchmaking (that have been ported over to use this), meaning we will have to communicate with our players about this downtime, now it is nice that you guys are telling us about this, but it would also be nice if the overall Roblox community were to be notified that not all games would be functioning at that time.

Transparency is all we need, next to hard-working engineers.

OK, but why It’s can be Optimized Due To the Worst Performances?.

I appreciate the notice ahead of time, and what exactly is to be expected. Would it be possible to have an API member implemented which would allow us to detect if a service is down for maintenance? It feels ugly to have to just wait for the first successful request after 8 PM PST.


How often will these happen? Although the data stored inside MSS is volatile it can still be annoying for the user when their trades and stuff get reset.

Thanks for the heads up though, great work engineers!

You shouldn’t be storing this information in MemoryStoreService since the data in MemoryStoreService will auto delete after a certain period of time anyway.

“We don’t expect the downtime to last for longer than a few minutes”

You should be accounting for API errors in your matchmaking and be able to appropriately tell players that matchmaking is not available at that time.

Yet a pcall failing doesn’t necessarily mean MemoryStoreService is down, just that that one request failed, saying ‘MemoryStoreService is down’ may not always be correct, because of this, many games have opted to use the error message given with-in the pcall. This means some devs may have to implement a new custom error message specifically for the downtime.