Menu buttons & mouse icon not loading

It’s a very ugly and inconvenient clientside bug. When loading a game, even though Roblox stores mouse icons and menu assets locally, they take some time to load for some reason. Long enough so that it becomes a glaring issue for the first 20 to 30 or so seconds of joining a game.

This becomes particularly annoying if for instance you join a game that has its music too loud. To turn down the volume you need to open up the menu, access options, and then turn down the volume. But in order to do that, you have to wait for the menu to load in, as the buttons “pop in” one by one (very ugly), waiting for your mouse to appear or trying to use the button hover to determine your mouse location. (When you hover over it the button disappears for a second as well)

Then you have to navigate the options menu with no mouse if it has not popped in yet.

Or the more common issue; when you join a game and you want to close the window, but due to awkward offset mouse sensitivity and the fact that your mouse is invisible, it makes this a lot harder than it should be.

Please have the mouse icons and the menu buttons load instantly, I don’t see there being a reason for them popping in so late.

I’m seriously considering constantly positioning a ScreenGui Frame to the mouse position for the first minute you join my game. It’s ridiculous that the mouse icon doesn’t load for 10 seconds, LOL.

The files are already on your computer (I just checked), so it’s not like they have to be downloaded, so I’d imagine ROBLOX puts the local files in the loading queue after they stream in all of the other assets. It should be right the opposite.