Menu design feedback request

Im looking to find ways to further improve upon my GUI/menu design of oldBLOX.

I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some feedback on the main menus of the game so I can know how to improve it. It is also worth noting that my game dose not have xbox support as I am new to GUIs and do not know how to add support for a controller.

these are the menus im interested in feedback on

Thank you!
(Game Link: oldBLOX - Roblox)


Hey there! The UI looks very nice, however I suggest decreasing the text size (and If you want to keep the scale of the text, then add a text label inside of the text button and scale it to something less then 0.9, 0 0.9, 0). Basically I’m just saying that there needs to be some margin between the text and the content. For example, image 3 has the “hi” and then the username text. Notice how it is so close to the edge, that does not looks as good. I suggest moving the label over a bit.

As for the controller, simply allow Console platform on your Place Settings. For XBox button navigation I suggest you read this article.

But, your UI looks good so far! Good job!

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Your GUI designs look really nice, especially given that it as a retro feeling to it to go along with your intentions. Perhaps something to fill the donations screen? Such as some old ROBLOX ads or user generated ads back in the day?

For the gamepage, have you considered some details like map creation date, place visits, etc?

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