Menu Design - Theatre

Hey everyone,

Today, I decided to make the Menu UI for my new theatre game. I had a totally different plan for it at first. I was going to make a full screen UI with game news widgets, player friends, and a play button however this style seemed to fit the game style more.

What do you think?

(ignore the highlighted blue box right at the start)


In my opinion, it fades in really slowly. That and the white outline kinda bothers me, but this is really good!

Its too slow fading that will make player bored

It’s a four second fade, I don’t know how that would make the player bored

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Well, it seems like four seconds. But it felt me like ten seconds

Even a 10 second fade doesn’t really seem too long

Okay, I don’t know why you continue to say it’s not too long

As others have said, it’s slow. You should not make it too fast or too slow, by too slow I mean it gives enough time for the player to click play before the tween even finishes. I suggest changing tween time between 0.5 to 1.5 seconds.

I’m just giving my opinion. You replied to me so I replied to you

Not bad! Looks really clean and sleek for sure

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As other users have mentioned, it’s too slow. In most cases, animations and tweening give a nice effect, but it’d be just as good if it was quick. If you want a dramatically visible tween, you can have them rush into the center, or something like that.

It’s a good idea to “show off” the special effects, but they’re still visible if they’re faster. Most players won’t want to wait four seconds for a simple button click.

It looks great! A suggestion is making the UI become visible more quickly.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! @jake31255 @keo164 @mqrvinsroom @FastAsFlash_Dev @ChronicBuilder @Pythoicus @TheSeraphicDemon. The overall response was that the UI Fade was too slow and has since been modified to now include a faster, smoother and slicker design. Just thought I’d let you all know that as soon as the play button is only a little bit visible, which is 0.6 seconds after you join the game, it allows you to click it.