Menu Development

Hey there! This is my first forum post so I might be a little uneducated on some things but here goes nothing!

I am currently working on a simple 5v5 attackers vs defenders game similar to Tactical Assault by Youtubes. When you load into the game it’ll be like Phantom Forces. There is a loading screen explaining updates and well… loading the game.

Then, you will be directly in the game and waiting for players to join or for a new round to start. Here’s what I have so far:

(The character will be clothed and animated in the future)
The guns in the back are the player’s loadout.

I want to add a decent amount of detail to the lobby. So some ideas of what to add to make the menu more vibrant would be extremely appreciated!
Also, I need some ideas for user interface. I’m really bad at UI. I want it to be simple yet polished so every player can easily get the hang of it.



Umm flickering lights And some tore up stuff around


Posters, magazines scattered around, lights hanging. or even cracks on the walls will add the detail just fine!

Have a cool particle effect, like wires coming down and sparks flying to make the setting cooler.
image Good job though :smiley:

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I would suggest some flickering lights, ammunition boxes, crates, a shelf, some ropes, a few posters, stuff along those lines.

I hope this helps.

I like the monotone colors of the background, but I think you should make the weapons pop out more (unless there’s a button which zooms in on the guns). They’re too far away in my opinion. Perhaps you could add a rack closer to the camera to see the weapons better. After all, they’re one of the big stars and should be focused on a lot.

The background could use some more details. You could still keep it monotone, but I suggest you add different types of boxes, bricks on the walls, a little bit of destruction, hanging wires, etc. I think it would give the feeling of abandonment.

I like the style your going for as said above flickering lights would be a nice addition to add.

Regarding, I really like the simplistic look! If you want it to pop more or trying to make a good looking menu while still maintaining that simplicity look your trying to achieve, I’d try to add smoke particles in the menu or background sort of how “In Operation Ember Rise the Operator” did. Have the objects on the walls, particles, and possibly some hanging guns on the other side surrounding the wall. Could work I wouldn’t throw a bunch of objects so it won’t be to cluttered.

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Thank you all for all the suggestions I will definitely see what I can do!

So far I think you’ve done a great job. Some clutter could be added and maybe some type of dark fighting scene behind like some tipped over tables, fire burning somewhere, a half-broken building, or something I think would tell people what this game is about and add to the theme of the game. Also maybe a dark sky or something. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face: