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I am looking for feedback on the menu UI that I have recently created, any kind of criticism would be appreciated, I am also looking for some feedback on what is good about it. A few issues that I am aware of are…

  • The X is too small
  • ‘Welcome’ might be too small as well

Looking forward to reading your replies!



Well, it looks good.
I might recommend you add a more lively color to your UI Feedback system to make it more good-looking.
I would also recommed, you add a help or tutorial button so players in your game may also get some instructions on how to play your game.
Overall, I love the design, though as I said, make the colors have a more lively appearance, also you don’t need to change the white in the middle, I just prefer
you change the less lively colors surrounding the white color in the middle.


Your UI is pretty good. Some things that the UI can be improved:

  • More colours. Add more colours, like red and green.
  • Picture buttons. There could be a picture beside the text in order to make the buttons more beautiful.
  • In the “Welcome” text I would add a “!” at the end.
  • I would add a Credits and a Help button at the bottom.
  • I would add at the top a GUI that shows how many in-game bucks the user has and a button to buy more (in case you have an in-game currency).

Also, I don’t find the use of an “X” button in a welcome screen.

Anyways, your UI is epic! Great work!


Its a welcome page for a UI I’m making, it’s not a welcome screen for when you join the game.


There is no need to have both an “X” button and a start button. Also, instead of a button which says “Settings”, try putting a settings icon in the corner.

There’s a need for the X button since adding a button that says ‘Close’ would just take up much more space, and there is no other way to close the UI.


Then what is the start button for?

30 charrrrs

Its just a menu for a certain UI I’m making, this “page” will have the essential sections such as settings and etc, and when you press start (or I could rename it to next or continue) it will lead you to the main part of the UI, start doesn’t close the UI, it opens the next page.