Menu with camera for the game "Project Rooms"

I created this menu using a camera showing a little of the game thematic.
What do you guys think about the menu? Any tips?

And here are some screenshots of the game to show a little of the thematic.
The game is about finding the code using the hints that are hidden in the room to open the door.

If i misspelled any words, sorry, i’m from Brazil.

Edit: I changed some things (I changed the button style, text font and added a Credits button.)

Edit #2: The game is now available here (Not playable yet)


I like it! It gives me escape room feelings. Keep on going!

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Looks like a very nice menu. I really like how the camera focuses on what I suppose is the main objective (in this case the door and code). Nice job!

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I like it! The room seems of the correct size. A suggestion i have is to change the font in the starter screen, because i feel like it does not fit that much. Good stuff!

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Maybe add a different font for the “Play” Button, it looks a little to round maybe make it look like it was a square then you cut off the corners.

Or a idea is to make it look like paper with play in a hand writing font, then maybe add something on the paper in the background? I don’t know how to explain it, but what I’m thinking seems like it’d fit your game.

Speaking of your game, what is it about? From what I’m seeing it looks like a escape game, I see there’s a code for the door and the carpet is all messed up.

Here’s something you could do with the room you showed us, make the wall ripped up and have stains on it. Maybe like coffee and dirt has got all over it, maybe make the top of the bookshelf fall down on top of the books, make the corners of it look like they’ve been kicked.

Edit: I really need to read the entire post better, I didn’t realize you said what the game was about. Lol.

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