Mercenary Simulator Remastered (MSR) | Everything about the game that I have planned

So. This game is based off a closed/privated game called Mercenary Simulator. We have got permission by one of the developers of the game to remake this game (AxisAngle).


We have been given the map “Docks” by CreatyChameleon (Sorry if I misspelled the name). Docks was a old map that was in MS ( We will call Mercenary Simulator MS from now on ), Docks was removed some time between the games a few weeks after launch. ( I honestly have no idea when it was removed ) So, To summarize, The maps that we have got right now is only docks. THERE WILL BE MORE MAPS IN THE FUTURE


So. I don’t currently know what guns we have finished models for yet. Or what other developers/contributors have planned. But in a few hours I will have a list of guns that I would like in the game This list WILL NOT be the only weapons in MSR, these are only ones that I would like in the game.

The list will be updated every once in a while. When I semi finish the list ill post the link to the list here (it will be announced in the discord server)



Here is a list of planned mechanics for PC/Laptop:
Super jumping (that is a big MAYBE)
Picking up guns (another big MAYBE)
Melee system (Backstabs etc)
And the rest of the obvious FPS mechanics


Basically, everything, but Might not include super jumping and sliding, and some of the melee mechanics


We don’t really know if we will add XBOX support to MSR yet. It is, yet again a big MAYBE


We don’t really have a planned release date yet.


Demo will be coming in a few months. **This will cost robux to enter, ONLY FOR DEMO
Demo will be open for free Sometimes, this is for testing new features, and sometimes just free days. ( like for example, free game fridays)

Alpha will be free in a few months to a year. Depends on how things go.

Definitely in a year+

Full release
One to two or even more years.