Merchbooth's shoppable region problem

Is it just me, or is the shoppable region no longer functioning as expected? It was working smoothly for months, and I haven’t made any changes to it. Suddenly last month, it stopped working. I’ve diligently followed all the steps outlined in the developer module
(Merch Booth | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub), and I even sought assistance from Roblox’s AI assistant, but unfortunately, no solution has been found.

Please help, and thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide

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A: it’s #help-and-feedback:scripting-support
B: might be roblox physics update

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you can try using this method to get players who enter the zone. (Set the collision group back to default and can collide to off).

Thank you for the suggestion, I gave it a try, but unfortunately, it didn’t resolve the issue.


It was doing okay before and supposed to works like this

However, for some reason, it stopped functioning correctly about a month ago, even though the merch booth module had been working flawlessly for months prior.

Hm, you could try using the ZonePlus module by Ben.

@minatoxaqi ZonePlus v3.2.0 | Construct dynamic zones and effectively determine players and parts within their boundaries

the model on the Roblox website turns a Bad Request, do you have similar plugin recommedation?

I can’t seem to find another solution. Have you considered a Loop with this?

Please stop linking this, it is obsolete as mentioned. Use the updated method linked in that post.

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