Mercy new york - hiring


A brand new exclusive and high quality streetwear. The most original pieces you can find on the platform, only releasing first-class quality.

My idea for the group is to sell some clothing a higher price but with limited sales. Everything is fully custom and at some of the highest clothing quality you can find!

Currently in search for Clothing Designers, GFX designers, Developers, and Partners to work alongside me and grow this community/group.

Add my discord and send me your portfolio or examples of prior work! Payment will be talked about, I have no budget currently!

Here are some examples of what I currently have. I want to release new sets each week/2-3 boy outfits, 2-3 girl outfits. Also looking to host weekly community events. Looking to create hype and have a true family here.

My info: Dorm#7407

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