Merge Kit [Free]

Recently I stumbled upon this game called Merge. To play, you push balls together, and they merge if they are the same color and size. This game is so simple, that I thought it would be a nice introduction to game development for new developers. So, I made this kit!

It’s completely free to use, and you don’t need to credit me. I would appreciate it though.

Merge Kit [Free] - Roblox

Here’s a link to the uncopylocked game. I have a few test maps and test balls set up already, so all you need to do is add content! You can find a README in ServerScriptService. This will tell you everything you need to know.

I may update the kit in the future since it is missing some substantial features.
Feedback is appreciated!

Version 1.0 - July 2, 2022: Released


Amazing to see how thoughtful developers like you are! I aspire to be more like you guys :smile:

I haven’t checked it out yet, just wanted to quickly thank you for the contribution, I’ll make sure to though!

Alright, so I checked out the game and I just have to say, perfect start for a high potential game! When I first joined I was surprised to see how you set up the ball dex, however I love it and it really inspires me! Not too much to say about what there is, since it is basically the average game in that genre.

I will say how surprised I was when I was about to leave and the map changed to the “Sword fight in the heights” theme. I was then in awe on how you implemented that, it would be great as a beginner to learn from that about keeping your players in with changing the maps on different server times!

A couple things if you wanna add to it:

  • It would be cool and beneficial to have a effect when you combine two balls.
  • Maybe some sort of shop that we could edit?

I’m not too sure on what else, but great job on this!