Merge meshes option creates random spikes in my mesh

I am exporting a mesh from parts to put inside a building game, most of the parts are meshparts. When I try to import, the preview looks perfectly fine with merge meshes on, but when I add it to studio, the mesh has random spikes coming out of it. Im not sure if this is because of the mesh parts inside of the object im trying to export or not. Thanks.

That’s because of Import plugin, try to Import your mesh with asset manager

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It looked promising, but it said my mesh had over 10,000 triangles.

I dont rlly know how reduce triangles without damaging the mesh, but I know that you get random spikes on your mesh because of subdivision tool.

Btw you can seperate your mesh so your separated parts have less than 10000 triangles and import it with asset manager.

From what I can understand, you’re exporting MeshParts into an external program, exporting and then re-importing them back into roblox. If that is the case, make sure to export as .fbx instead of .obj