Merging two animations

Hi, given two different animations that animate the same limbs, is there a way to play them both simultaneously? Thanks.

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Not really. I am trying to play a walking animation and an “arms out” animation at the same time. It goes without question that if you try to play two animations for the same limbs (which presumably aren’t the same), you can’t get to either final CFrame, and that is okay. If there was a solution where the limb endpoints were somewhere in between the endpoints of the two animations, that would be great.

I don’t know how the animation handler deals with that, but as far as I know playing an animation will override the previous one.

EDIT: Playing two animations at once? may be of relevance.


In the animation editor you can disable limbs individually, in your case that would mean creating an animation that moves only the arms by disabling the other joints. If you change the priority of that animation it will play combined with the walk animation like how you want it.

If this solution doesn’t work, you can try playing around with the animation weights. Every animation has a weight and you can change it by “animationTrack:AdjustWeight()”


Yeah, changing the animation weight is good for blending animations.

If you were to try and have say, the ability to swing a sword, while still playing the running animation, you can separate the upper and lower body animations by disabling body parts in the animation editor, and play both at the same time.