Mermaid Morph help

How would I make it so my mermaid morph makes it so only the tail appears on the person using the morph. I’ve only ever made it so you change into the entire mermaid and now I am trying to make it so its the tail only so it offers more custom options.

Im assuming you have a whole model of a mermaid, the easiest solution for this is to make every bodypart of the mermaid transparent, and leaving the tail not transparent.

Ill give that a try thank you!

i tried that and it makes me just a tail now with no upper torso

Oops i didn’t think before replying, well then make a script which gives you the tail accessory (its an accessory right?) when touching the morph button or whatever

Why not try just putting the accessory on the player when touched instead of using transparency?

This script, when the player touches the script.Parent part, assuming this script is put as a child in the part as a server script. Gives the player the accessory and puts it on them. Also, assuming the accessory is welded with attachments and etc. also assuming the accessory is in server storage. of course, you can change the path of the accessory. I made sure to make the script bit fancier and made sure it didn’t clone various copies of the same thing.

local part = script.Parent
local accessory = game.ServerStorage.Accessory
local triggeredPlayers = {}

local function giveAccessory(otherPart)
    local player = game.Players:FindFirstChild(otherPart.Parent.Name)
    if player then
        if not triggeredPlayers[player.UserId] then
            local character = player.Character
            if character then
                local clone = accessory:Clone()
                clone.Parent = character
                triggeredPlayers[player.UserId] = true


    triggeredPlayers[player.UserId] = nil

Thanks for taking the time to create that script but im not really sure how to make the tail into a accessory

If its a tail avaliable on the catalog you can use a plugin and convert it to a accessory with catalog id and it automatically welds everything and etc when parented to a player. or add a object in workspace called accessory then put the tail part or mesh inside the accessory