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I am 6Ql4, and I recently started to model.

I am trying to make a terrain “low-poly” block, but this is what is happening.

This is the inside.

You can see all the parts…
But the outside…

Is the parts too skinny, how do i fix this??

Click the double sided box is properties.


Do you mind showing me. i am new to blender, sorry

backface culling??
I think that’s that.

In studio, select the mesh, go to properties, and click double sided. Not in blender, you would have to re-align the faces.

Ohh, you meant studio! Just ticked it, and it worked. Thank you so much!

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You made a similar thread and liked my reply two months ago.

What information were you missing from the previous thread?


Sorry, I forgot about that, I took a break from development, and I got messed up. I reazlied that after, I’m so sorry once again.

You should solidify instead of importing and enabling double sided.

Well, it worked but thanks. Ill keep that in mind.

in the future you may want to learn about normals, in blender you can check which way the normals are facing and you can flip the normals so they’re facing the correct way in studio

oh thank you so much will do.

i am still new but ill get that down soon

normals are important for correct shading as well, if your normals are inside out you might want to fix that

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