Mesh changes when imported to roblox

Ok, so I have this problem where when I import my mesh from blender this one point on the mesh changes

In Blender:

In Roblox:

as you can see, when I import my mesh into Roblox this one point on the ear has like… an indent? I’m not really sure why this is happening and if its possible to fix at all. If you have a solution it will be appreciated, Thank you!

You either have the wrong RenderFidelity, or you didn’t tick “Double Sided”

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you can fix that, but u need to remodel you mesh probably, sadly i don’t know any other method to fix this problem, i was facing it too :slightly_frowning_face:

Can’t see in edit mode from Blender but sometimes if you can add a few more loop cuts to that area it may help straighten it out.

the model looks deformed… Roblox does decimate objects above 10k tris, though your object does not look to be anywhere near 10k. Maybe try using the Smart Mesh Importer(or if you used that, try using the asset manager)?

You could try going to properties and changing " Render Fidelity " to precise