Mesh corrupts when exporting


I also placed a red block inside of the blender model, and it’s not visible, so this hole only appears when i export it as an obj

When you import Blender Meshes without Textured surface maps (I think I’ve heard it called Baking?) it will only import back to Roblox with the Material and Color that the MeshPart you put the Mesh into unless you put a MeshPart | Roblox Creator Documentation into it.

Also when you import a Mesh to Roblox you may have to set the MeshPart | Roblox Creator Documentation to PreciseCompositionGeometry.


Thank you, but i’m not having an isue with textures, but rather the fact that i can’t remove that hole because it isn’t there when in blender. Did I misunderstand something?

Is the hole actually there? In your image it’s hard to tell where the hole is on the Mesh.
Do you have the Face Normal in Blender reversed so it’s only visible from the other side? You can fix that in Blender, google the Show Normals tool to see how to do it. It renders the visible sides as blue and the invisible sides as orange.
Or just click on the DoubleSided property in the MeshPart’s Properties to quickly check if that’s the issue.

the hole is there in roblox, even when double sided, but not in blender.

Can you provide a wider shot of the Blender Edit view of the MeshPart that’s the same viewing angle as the Roblox screenshot?

Is the red Neon Part Unanchored? If so it could be trying to escape the MeshPart and showing up for that reason.

the red part is only to highlight the fact that there is a hole in the mesh.

Ah, k.
Do me a favor, go into “Edit” mode. See where the black pointer is at the top of the window in the screenshot below? Click that “v” box, then check the “Face Orientation” tool about halfway down the menu on the left side of the black window.

If you see orange that’s the back face of the mesh face, if it’s blue then it’s the front.
I’m betting that you see an orange triangle where the twisted looking hole is in the top picture you last posted. To flip the normals on that triangle select that face, go to the “Mesh” tool menu (top of the screen, left) and look for the “Normals” tool and mouse over the arrow on the left side. From that menu select the “Flip” tool and it should flip the orientation of that face.

The shadowing around the 3 sides of the bottom corner of the hole indicate you’ve got the Vectors misaligned. If you click “A” to select everything in the window and go to the “Mesh” tool again, go to “Normals” and then go to “Reset Vectors”. This should realign the Vertices/Edges/Faces and get rid of that shadowing.

If it doesn’t work message me with a copy of the file and I can have a look.

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I see, this is in fact where the issue lies.

I am trying to make a terrain-like mesh using the randomize tool, but it seems to prioritize randomizing horisontally to vertically even with the value “Normal” set to 1, which also causes a lot of face to get messed up in the process

It depends which 3 vertices you select when you create a Face and which way those are oriented when you select them.

It’s common since if you’re used to Roblox Studio where you can see the outside of a Part when you are outside of it, but you can’t see the inside of the Part when the Camera is inside it.
Blender renders both sides of the Faces so it throws many people off.

If you select all the faces and go to the Mesh>Normals tool and select “Recalculate Normals” it should fix your issue.

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