Mesh deform not importing with armature bones

When I’m importing a skinned mesh model, the armature wont be inside the model part (Bat) like usual.

Usually in my skinned mesh models youd see the bones inside the main model part (Cow).

I’m not sure how to fix this as I did the same method I usually do for models with mesh deformation.
I suspect the new layout of the mesh importer in studio. Maybe I’m missing something in it considering its new, at least to me.

I have tried to check on and off the boxes under file general and nothing changes.

Please let me know if you got any tips or if there is a simple solution to it and im just blind.
Thank you!


Hi! With the Unified Mesh Importer beta, we don’t support skinned rigs just quite yet. It is coming soon and we’ll release a post when it does, so stay tuned. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thank you so much for letting me know! I’ll wait patiently until then :smiley:

Hi Spiraxy! We’ve finally updated the mesh importer to support skinned rigs. You can find the release announcement here. This should solve your case above, let me know or feel free to post in the announcement thread if you have any questions or comments!

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Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to check it out once I’m home from vacation! Then I’ll see if I have any questions. Thank you for the follow up!

Hey! I came across this post because I’m facing the same problem and I still am. Right here, it registers that there are bones and all of them are checked. But when I import it, they don’t appear.


Try to check in the animation editor. They usually only appear visible there