Mesh deformation characters with lots of bones lags when Constraint Details enabled

As of today, whenever I place or import a mesh deformation character into Workspace, specifically one that has a high amount of bones inside of it (50+), Studio suddenly starts lagging at around 5 fps. In a place that was full of these models, I was lagging so badly that I could not even rotate the camera.

Upon deleting the MeshPart inside the model, the lag stops. The models in question are only 6000 triangles or less.

I’m writing this because this hasn’t happened yesterday or any time before, I was able to have a place full of these with no lag. It’s only today that it has started to happen.

EDIT: This seems to be happening only when ‘Constraint Details’ have been selected. I will still choose to leave this post up in the event that constraint details are not supposed to lag.

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Hi. Thanks for posting. The Engineers are asking if there is a repro file or MP dump related to this issue that you can send? It will help them find the issue. If you dont feel comfortable posting you can send it to me directly. Info on how to get an MP dump incase you dont know. How to post a Bug Report


If you could provide an RBX file with this issue occurring that would help the engineers in tracking down this issue and fixing it.

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@The_Immortal Hello - please let us know if you’re still seeing this issue. Thanks!

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Hi there, after testing it again, I do not seem to have the same issue. It seems to have been fixed. Thanks.

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This issue should now be resolved! If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.

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