Mesh Deformation, Cloth, Advanced Particles

I would like to attempt to make a free cam vehicle where the player sits inside of a model and can fly almost exactly the way free-cam works in ROBLOX Studio editor.

I do not have much experience with camera movement or vehicles and I felt this would be a brilliant opportunity to explore the design process of this particular model.

I’m particularly interested in the RayCasting design element much like a hover-car.

I am attempting to achieve, WASD movement, mobile movement and Xbox movement using the left stick; this should fly the seat upward if I place the camera towards the skybox’s roof essentially always moving forward to the centre of the screen or backward the camera should centre around this model and if you stop moving you can pan around.

Been having huge difficulty’s with even brainstorming this one and how I’d begin.

I didn’t know where else to turn and hopefully someone can shed some light on the topic.