Mesh deformation inquiries

  1. Im attempting to use mesh deformation on a separated rig, mainly to fill these gaps inbetween joints. (I’m aware I can just fill them in blender but it’s much cleaner to use skinned meshes)

  2. Issue is, all tutorials are for single mesh rigs and the blender discord has called me insane for wanting to do so.

  3. Ive looked up tutorials, inspected models that achieve this effect I’ve wanted, and even attempted to get friends to give me a hand. None of which has worked.

If anyone can inform me on how it achieve this that’d be great, and for reference here’s some things that use this method of mesh deformation:

Clonetrooper’s “walter” game. (Reset to prove it’s multiple parts)

Dawgra’s skinned r15 rig.

Aswell as their dev forum post on it. (Also found in models description)


Iam having same problem dude, iam trying make skinned mesh avatar with multiple parts too, like the example you can dowloand on skinned mesh post, i made already 3 post asking and everyone just ignore me, the Roblox example not even have bones inside, just Motors, and Still work as skinned mesh.