Mesh Deformation Planes [V2 Beta]

Mesh Deformation Planes

Last Updated 11/04/21

Version 2 is now here
In an attempt to use mesh deformation and skinned meshes, I realized that it might be helpful to create some base meshes planes that can be deformed with more intentionality and control. Also, it would be nice to calculate some points along a deformed surface for collisions.

I’ve seen mesh deformation oceans, but the problem is that they have many bones for one mesh part, and they all seem sorta randomly placed and unordered.

We can use a base mesh that provides easy access to bones. These can then be attached together to form unique solutions.

Example Applications:
If we combine multiple mesh deformable planes, we can create a deformable ocean.
If we were to rotate the mesh deformable planes, we could make 3d shapes, and make a cube transform into a sphere.


In an attempt to calculate any value on a deformed mesh, I noticed that v1 had some random bends when adjusting bones. This wasn’t a major problem, but it is if you plan to attach multiple deformed meshes together. This is why version 2 was created.

Which version to use?

Version 1 is good for individual objects requiring only a single MeshPart, like a flag.

Version 2 is good for attaching multiple surfaces together, like in a MestPart ocean.

Available Resources

Version 2

Deformable MeshPart (4 Vectors) v2

Version 1

Deformable MeshPart (4 Vectors) v1

Deformable MeshPart (5 Vectors) v1)

Deformable MeshPart (9 Vectors) v1


Deformed MeshPart collision Points
5 Point Deformed MeshPart wind

Contribute and Share
Please contribute and show off the creations you make and share any ideas on how this system could be improved.

Twitter Thread
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Dysche for helping solve collision points for v1 (pretty close but not perfect)

Update Log

Version 2

  • Version 2 initial release: able to calculate any point’s y/height value based (n1,n2) where n1 and n2 are a number between 0 and 1 each.

  • Added 4 Point MeshPart Deformation v2< resource

Version 1


  • Added 4 Point MeshPart Deformation resource (v1)


  • Added 9 Point MeshPart Deformation resource


  • Released