Mesh goes invisible in first person

Hi, there is a mild problem I encountered while developing my game. It is how one of the meshes I am using just disappears when I go into first person. I tried figuring out the problem and I cannot seem to find an understandable solution. What I mean by understandable is that there was another thread like this but I am unable to find a solution: First Person Mode Help - Help and Feedback / Scripting Support - DevForum | Roblox

3rd person:
Closest to 1st person:

The mesh moves around the player like a pet from a simulator game so it would be nice to have it visible in first person.

Please note I am still learning some parts to lua and by no means am I very experienced with roblox developing in general. If the above post has a valid solution, would someone be so kind as to provide a more simplified and understandable explanation of what that means.

It’s hard coded in the core to make parts parented to you go invisible in first person unless tools.

You can however prevent that (sadly not by disabling the actual feature).

i dont think thats true try changing LocalTransparenyModifier to 0 would work i guess

if part.Name == "Katana" then
	part.LocalTransparencyModifier = part.Transparency
	part.Changed:Connect(function (property)
		part.LocalTransparencyModifier = part.Transparency

You mean something like this?

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yeah i guess this might work i never tried it before though

Guess ill scrap it then. The game can work without having first person

A simple fix to that. go to Starter Player and search for “CameraMinZoomDistance”, change the value to 0.7) and now you will see items and tools in first person.

This happens because roblox has a system to hide the player’s avatar after it enters first person, and any object that is a child of the player’s avatar will also be hidden.

Final Result:

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