Mesh has invisible wall (SOLVED)

Hi! I have a tree model that somehow has a invisible wall around it and I dont know how to disable it. When I deactivate CanCollide it disapears but I can go trough the tree. I want to disable this invisible wall and also make the tree collideable, heres a video about my problem: (dont mind this “A few hours later:” in the video thats just annother script)


Check the mesh’s CollisionFidelity. If it’s set to “Box” that may be producing the problem. Try “PreciseConvexDecomposition” or “Hull.”
If it’s already set to one of those and the problem persists, it’s just a problem with how Roblox handles concave volumes in mesh collisions. I’d recommend disabling the tree’s collision and adding an invisible cylinder or two to make up where the hitbox visually should be, if that’s the case.