Mesh has too many triangles?

Hi all, I recently made a simple low-poly bench model in blender, and whenever I try to upload it, it shows this message:

This is the bench: thebench

How can I fix this?


You should probably use a decimate filter in Blender to reduce the tris amount to below 10,000. After that you should be good to go!

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Look up how to import things in bulk. It basically imports every part of the bench, not just one big bench with 10,000+ triangles. “Bulk importing”

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That isn’t low-poly at all, that’s a REALLY large amount of faces for an asset like a bench to have. Are you using Subdivision Surface? If so, you’ll want to crank it way down.


The only thing you can do is try to reduce objects and use the decimate modifier.

In the future, don’t use 23949234 verts to make it look smother. Use auto smooth. :+1:


Thank you! It works now! I appreciate it :smiley:

We need you to understand that that’s not the right solution :joy::joy:

Don’t bulk import your incredibly high poly count asset to get around poly count limits. Instead, simplify your mesh and use smooth shading.

73 THOUSAND triangles for a single mesh is incredibly unnecessary and very bad for game performance.

Also @whitezane444 please don’t recommend bad practices like this. Does it work? Technically yes. Will it make games lag like hell? Absolutely.
It causes a lot of problems for everyone.