Mesh Hitbox Is Broken

Recently I’ve been experimenting with triangle terrain meshes but they always have broken hitboxes. How can I fix them?
I’ve tried searching for it but no posts I’ve found have ever shown an explanation on how to fix the hitboxes.


When you say meshes, you mean that instead of parts that you’re standing on; you are standing on a mesh inside a single part?

I’m not sure about it though. I think that while you were importing it from Blender to Studio you messed up the hitbox. I saw someone having the same problem here in the devforum. Try to see if any commenters there managed to solve your problem.
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This is importing meshes:
Mesh Parts – Importing Models (

This Youtube video is also really helpful:
Terrain Generation 2 - Roblox Studio (Chunk Objects and Triangles) - YouTube

You can take a look at this as well!
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Hi there!

This is a common issue when importing to roblox. Make sure PreciseConvexDecompition is turned on for the mesh. This can be found under behavior as ‘CollisionFidelity’.