Mesh importing with unnatural holes

Hey, so I’m trying to import this model of a bed with a blanket on top of it into roblox. The problem is that every time I import it, it has unnatural holes in it that were not in there in blender itself.

(In blender)

(In game)

I have tried recalculating the normals, flipping the normals, triangulating it, Merge by distance (0 vertices were removed), and limited dissolve (which only made it worse). Additionally, I have also tried to tick the double-sided option, which covers some of the holes but not all of them, meaning that it doesn’t fix the problem.

I honestly have no idea what to do, any help would be appreciated.

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Have you tried restarting Roblox Studio? :thinking:

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Yes, that didn’t really do anything.

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In blender, try enabling face orientation to see if certain faces are flipped.

If this is the case you can manually flip the normals by selecting the faces.


Hey, just tried this solution. It didn’t really do anything, as the mesh still looks the same when imported into Roblox.

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I’ve had the same issue happen to me a few minutes before this post, but I somehow managed to find a way around it.

Just as you, the mesh looked fine in Blender, but had unnatural holes in studio.
Blender (no holes):

Studio (with holes):

I went to Blender and re-exported it and checked off “Triangulated Mesh:”

That solved it for me, but I’m not too sure if it’ll work for you due to your very different mesh.
Good luck!


Thank you so much. This solution completely worked.

The only question I have is if you applied the triangulate modifier before you ticked that option and uploaded it.

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I did not apply the triangulate modifier at all, I simply just ticked the option.

This should work for everyone! It’s because your mesh probably contained N-gons wich some software doesn’t acknowledge (Im not sure why). This also works when importing meshes to texture in procreate!


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