Mesh in terrible quality after exporting it

hey everyone, I’m having a problem where when I try transforming an union into a meshpart the quality becomes terrible:


Exported Mesh

There’s no fricking way that this union has more than 10k triangles. Also this doesn’t happened when I did the same proccess a long time ago, so I think that this might be related to a new update or something like that…

An union model exported then converted into a mesh:

Any help would be highly apprecieated

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This is because your model renderfidelity is probably set to automatic (which does a terrible job) set it to precise, if it still doesn’t give you the results you want. Send me the blender file :slight_smile:

Roblox is really weird with exporting stuff. Might wanna try merging the split vertices.

Open the obj in blender
press tab to go into edit mode
1 to enter vert select
a to select everything
m to merge
press by distance

You should see a thing at the bottom saying a bunch of verts were merged.

Then on the right hit these buttons(itll say remove custom split normals data for you) to fix lighting issues

Then export the obj, then import it back into roblox.

if you want a more detailed guide just HMU up ill make a video or something


same here dude, Endo you’re unhelpful.