Mesh is invisible by all means, invisible to everyone, even corners flipped, normals flipped, still invisible. but visible in blender

I recently imported a mesh that was just invisible no matter what i did, i even went across devforum to try to fix it, but no, its still invisible. (The map is shrunken btw, its made like that for some reason)
Image 1 Above.

Image 2, my friend imported a whole map, and its all just invisibile. (The map is shrunken, made like that for some reason, and btw that is not the problem)

ALL methods of help would be appreciated, since this isa global issue, if you tell me how to fix it here, you can help many other people.

EDIT: friend just recently reported that when he loaded in, he saw it for a split second but then it disappeared, (i dont trust this he is a bit of a troll)

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might be that the mesh is still going through moderation, since when i was working with people in team create a lot of the times the meshes would be invisible for some time and i had to restart studio to see them

I’m 99% sure that the person who uploaded the mesh can see it before it goes through moderation. That happens to me with audio, sounds, and images, so I can assume it happens with meshes.

Blender renders the inside & outside of faces but Studio only renders the outside. which would explain why it’s visible in blender.
Try selecting the object in Object Mode, then go to Edit Mode. Then, do Mesh → Normals → Flip, as in the picture below.

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to see if this is a problem you can just go inside the mesh to see if you can see faces there or enable double sided faces (not a good fix for this, just so you can see if that is the problem)

I don’t model much, it’s just the best I can do.

This happens to me when there is a mesh with no faces included in my export. After I delete the mesh with no faces. The mesh exports to studio properly.