Mesh is over 10,000 triangles

I am trying to import a mesh when this message pops up:

I have 337,278 triangles how can I reduce the number of Triangles?


You must reduce them in Blender (or any program you using), 10k Is the max
You can go to blender and separate it in different parts, and then import 1 by one


Im assuming you’re using blender, you can go onto your saved file containing the model, you then open up the modifier tab and select ‘Decimate’, after that just slide the bar down until its reached 10k or below.


This might work but if you willing to destroy / change the mesh, This modifiers might destroy the mesh and change its topology

If the mesh has good topology this shouldn’t be much of a worry.

Please don’t suggest separating meshes like this, as OP would need to split their mesh 34 times which just isn’t helpful and is actually really bad for performance.

You should suggest using Decimate as Ap_ek said, or other, better methods.

@MoPBro please show us your mesh so we can more accurately suggest alternatives and best practices.


Unluckly there is. His mesh has 300k triangles, which means that Blender must delete atleast 290k triangles from somewhere, its not magic. Those loops will be removed from the mesh, causing distortions in the mesh

But that might work for low poly- or for reducing a couple thousand triangles, not 290K

It really comes down to what the mesh looks like, if its a hyper-realistic sculpture or a mesh with just a massive amount of triangles on one flattened face.

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I found this method better. Sorry I didn’t provide much detail but here is my mesh (Tried to make a glass Coke Bottle):

It did look a little chunky, and such when I imported it onto The Studio, but I chose the smooth material on RBLX Studio and that did the trick! Thanks! Final Result:


Nah. Decimate can mess a lot of things up, and especially make things very unsymmetrical. I’m wondering why it was made at such high detail in first place (for a bottle??). I’d suggest dissolving unnecessary edge loops that won’t take away much detail, or best case making a lower-detail (lower poly), smooth shaded version of that mesh over the original one (perhaps with the use of autosmooth option). That may sound like a lot of work, but it IS a bottle after all, shouldn’t take too much time.

Hope this may help.

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Decimating will be fine if the topology is all made of perfect quads, using the un-subdivide option inside that decimate modifier would work and wouldn’t hurt the mesh and retain its shape perfectly.