Mesh isn't colored when imported into studio

My mesh is colored in Blender, but it doesn’t show in studio. I didn’t do any coloring, I simply added the color to the selected portion of the mesh in edit mode.

in studio, it’s gray.

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So you’re only applying the BaseColor with one color? And did you export the whole mode in one to studio?

Almost positive you gotta add the texture to it, I’m not an expert with blender tho

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Yeah I exported the whole model into studio. There’s two materials for the selected portions of the Knife

Well, I think you need to bake the texture in order to get all of your textures into one image for your model to be applied.

on roblox studio make sure your graphics are set to a higher level so textures load more detailed

If it’s in a material you have to bake the material color to the UVs. There are a couple of tutorials online that explain how to do this. Once you do that you can export the texture, and upload it to Roblox.

I figured it out on my own. Video I used for my texture