Mesh lighting glitches when a texture is applied

So i made a pretty basic texture map for this mesh. The mesh looked fine before, but as soon as i applied the texture, it did this:

can anyone explain this?

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did you bake the texture? I had a similar problem before with black outlines appearing when I backed up. After I learned how to texture bake my textures came out fine. If your texture has a grey background or something then unbaked texure it is probably causing the issue.

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I ended up just splitting up the mesh and coloring the meshes individually rather than using a texture. Thanks for the help though


Instead of using this destructive workflow, you could just increase the margin on the Baked texture. If you’re using 16, go up to 24, or even 36.

It’s (likely) not a lighting glitch, it’s Roblox’s texture compression blending the colours as you move away from the asset.

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I think multiple meshes look better anyhow though, given that i can give each their own color and material. Yes, for an experienced modeler a texture could yield a more appealing appearance, but most of my modeling ability is in shaping meshes specifically.

This is quite an old topic but I’m having this issue aswell but I’m not understanding the baking. I textured in substance painter and in there you can bake your own maps basically but whenever I upload it comes out just like the GIF showcases, what did you do specifically to fix it?

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