Mesh loading bug

Hello, not too sure if this belongs under Client Bugs or not so sorry in advance.

As seen in the above video, not all meshes load into the workspace when loading this instance with roughly 750-800 meshes. This is not level or game specific, and happens to multiple users with various high end graphics cards and system specs. This bug also happens within studio. Meshes that might not load for me might load for others, and meshes that may not load for them may load for me. These meshes that don’t load are random each time, but local. This bug happens 100% of the time.

All meshes in the workspace refresh for all players when any player leaves the game, reloading all meshes including those that did not show before. Deleting a mesh that does not show will show all meshes around it that were not visible within an estimated 200 stud proximity for all players relative to this radius. Streaming is disabled.

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