Mesh optimization, what is the best?

Hello forum,
I know there are several factors that are important for mesh optimization. But I don’t know what the order of importance is among these different elements :

  • Polycount
  • Texture Size
  • Collision Fidelity
  • Shadow

If someone could rank theses elements from the less important to the most important in term of optimization ? Thank you


1:poly count
2:collision fidelity
3:texture size

poly count has the biggest influence, roblox isnt very well optimized to handle large quantities of triangles like other platforms.

collision fidelity: this one depends on your use case but assuming if you use precise collisions on an anchored object this would probably be second place.

textures just like meshes need to be loaded in when the player joins and can take up memory space. I dont use enough textures at one time to notice anything significant but I could be wrong.

shadows: I use a lot of complex meshes with different angles and ive never noticed any performance issues with shadows.

one thing not on the list you should consider is streaming enabled, if your game has a lot of meshes this feature is a must and would have been #1.


As @mantorok4866 has correctly identified, the issue revolves around the Poly Count. The challenge with this is that Poly Counts have a significant impact on the performance of a game. Roblox, as a platform, is currently not equipped to handle an exceptionally high number of triangles efficiently. This limitation can potentially lead to performance issues.

TL;DR: Poly Counts are the worst out of all of them.

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This is simply not the case for higher end devices. Even if high part counts had an impact on performance on higher end devices, you don’t need that many parts to build a great game. People not being able to afford an expensive device that can run 240 fps and quality graphics is definitely the root cause of this problem. If you spoke to a Roblox Staff they would likely repeat the same thing I am rn just that they might be able to hint towards a future update where lower end devices can handle all poly counts

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I didn’t say you needed many parts to create a great game, I’m just trying to say that it can lower performance.

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Yes for lower end devices it can be a problem just needed to point out the root cause so people understand it’s multiple layers to the problem not just the poly count

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I see where you’re coming from, And I completely agree.
It’s just the triangles (or parts) are the main problem mostly.

Thanks for trying to help people too though.

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Of course glad I could help and I edited my original message because it was wrote in a rush(went to go eat dinner)

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1 is obviously more important but imo they’re fairly equal aswell

with literally any meshes you add to your game you should instantly

  • turn off its shadows (if theyre useless and not noticeable)
  • set RenderFidelity to Performance
  • turn off Collision (unless it NEEDS it)
  • set collisionfidelity to Box, unless it needs to be stood on/climbed on, then set it to Precise.
    From my experience you really dont want default collisionfidelity
  • turn off CanTouch, unless its a part that needs to be touched with the Touched event
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I use a lot of meshes for terrain in my game, precise collisions is required, shadows not so much but I still enable them. I never have any performance issues, the most noticable problem is from meshes loading in when the player moves around the map which causes a brief frame drop, but that’s about it.