Mesh Part Collision

Recently, while trying to create a starglitcher for “fun”, I came across this issue which as the clip shows, interferes with the baseplate’s collision. None of the parts are anchored, all of them are welded through a weld constraint. I’ve even changed the CollisionGroup of the starglitcher parts, yet the issue still persists. Most of the parts are meshes, in case that has anything to do with this.

Thats really interesting, I don’t know why this is happening. Though I have worked with tools that behave similarly weird. Do the mesh parts have cancollide turned on? That is the only reason why I believe it would fling you into the air.
I don’t have much experience with mesh parts, but I don’t think that is the issue, I really don’t know though. It would be worthwhile to test if the meshpart is the reason why if they don’t have collisions turned on.

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Nope, I just asked a couple of people in RoDevs, and managed to solve it. Apparently welding parts to your character may affect physics??? Just toggled the massless property in each individual part within the starglitcher and it worked.

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