Mesh part flickering

Hi so I’m kinda new to making morphs! And I’m having a problem with a character for a game,
I’ve hit a road block! And any advice would help a lot.

This video is without my mesh added to the rig

This is with my mesh added

It seems to start happening as soon as I add a humanoid to the rig, and also causes lag.

i think that shouldn’t go into creations feedback

textures and jsut a roblox problem, could be a script

Where does it go? I’m new here

isn’t the script as it does it in a empty baseplate, seems to be as soon as I start to rig the character

This is probably related to Z-Fighting with transparent textures. I can’t really explain much as it would be too long, but an oversimplification of this is: closer textures get rendered on top of farther textures based on the distance of the camera to each texture.

This isn’t Script-related, this is just how Roblox (and other games and software) handle transparent textures.

For the lag though, there must be a problem with the Script, probably. You might be doing something seemingly lightweight until it isn’t when placed in a heavy loop. We wouldn’t know what actually causes the lag until you post your code (if it really is code-related).

This post is better placed under #help-and-feedback:scripting-support (edited from #help-and-feedback:art-design-support after re-reading your post)

Thank you! I’ve heard a little about z-fighting! I’m going to research more.
Thank you again for your response😊

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