Mesh-part textures should support alpha channels


Um what…


This would be such a useful feature.

Dear Roblox staff, why not just add a checkbox in the mesh properties that will allow developers to toggle on alpha transparency. That way, this can be done on a per mesh basis, and won’t bog down your system. How do other game engines solve this problem?


The year comes slowly to an end and yet I still have to put a decal into a special mesh just to get a simple customizeable color gradient for my Hair meshes ?

All we need is simple Alpha channel support for meshpart textures, that’s it.
Even if it probably isn’t that simple to implement, it’s still one of the most basic features of most common Game development engines.

Even the PS1 game “Soul Reaver 1” supports alpha values for its simple ancient textures.



Even Quake 2 had alpha-channel support. :stuck_out_tongue:

It can’t be that hard to implement, but then again, I haven’t done very much in visual languages other than drawing a cube. :man_shrugging:


Idk roblox is really behind on some features sadly, which can be quiet annoying and set developers back.


I mean, normal maps, alpha maps, all of that is possible for most computers built after 2010.

Not developing features because of a specific platform can’t run it is kind of silly in my opinion.

I mean, come on. You can run Doom 3 on ultra on a potato.


I know. :confused: It sets so many people back but they won’t do it.


It’ll be nice if Roblox could support alpha channels. Please! :pray:


Would you be able to update us on the status of this feature?
It is such a useful feature, and has been requested many times, and so I am hoping it is still in your roadmap.


My use case for this is that I would like to apply textures to a character’s body parts and allow the body part color to show through the transparent areas of the texture.