Mesh Parts are missing

Hi! I have a Problem where some Parts of my Model, exported from Blender are missing.
I didn’t see any missing Parts in Blender even with backside culling enabled.
I hope someone can help me TY :grinning:

Can you leave the blender file below, so I can help you?

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Hi, i will send it tomorrow if it‘s ok

Hi again there it is
Cat.fbx (31.0 KB)

Hi i found a soloution i just need to add the triangulate modifier thanks for ur help :smiley:

Oh, I see. I couldn’t help you earlier because, I was busy.

I would suggest you check your face normals, a triangulate modifier might have helped correcting the inverted normals but that isn’t the best way, there are many reasons why you might not want to triangulate your mesh in the future when working on harder models, its overall also just better to flip the normals instead of relying on triangulating. You can find many resources and tutorials online about correct face normals and its a relatively simple topic to learn.

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