Mesh parts not moving with the part they are welded to

I am trying to make an object that goes up and down. It is a group consisting of 8 meshparts and 1 normal part. Each meshpart has a weld constraint inside it that has it as part0, and the normal part as part1.
I am using a script to then make the normal part go up and down, and I would like the meshparts to move with it. The hitbox moves, but the meshparts do not.
There is nothing wrong with the script as the normal part is able to move, so I am wondering why the meshparts will not move with the normal part.
(The normal part is pretty much just a box around the meshparts)

Are the meshparts anchored? You can also use PivotTo: for an alternative.

also an easy fix is to just copy the code, paste it, and change the name

It could be that the meshparts are anchored as @SalmonJumped said… but if they are unanchored the next two things i would do is decrease their density (in Custom Physical Properties) to about 0.3 or lower… or even make them Massless.

The other thing you can also do is turn their CanCollide to false, in case they are colliding with each other or some other part.

That was it, thank you! (Also sorry everyone for the late reply)

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