Mesh pivots applying incorrectly

Hello! This is my first post on the dev-forum! I’m excited to start learning from all your help!

Let me introduce you to my problem:

  • What are you attempting to achieve? (Keep it simple and clear)
    I’m trying to mesh commonly used parts to reduce lag and optimize the game.

  • What is the issue? (Keep it simple and clear - Include screenshots/videos/GIFs if possible)
    When I upload a certain mesh the pivot spawns oddly, instead of following a straight line, like it would normally do, it creates a pivot from one side to another, which makes absolutely no sense.

    This is a big problem because I use Archimedes plugin a lot, and when the pivots are messed up, it’s almost impossible to make them follow a straight line.
    Here’s a drawing of what I’m trying to tell you:

    The first one is how the pivot is created when I import the mesh, the blue box is the CFrame and the black line is the model I inserted. In the one below the CFrame is following a staright line, which is how it should actually spawn, instead of creating the CFrame from one corner to another.
    Here’s what happens when I use Archimedes with it:

Here’s a small video of the problem if you want to see it in more detail:
robloxapp-20230329-1708041.wmv (1.6 MB)

  • What solutions have you tried so far? (Have you searched for solutions through the Roblox Wiki yet?)
    I’ve searched on this forum multiple times and still haven’t found any solution. I’ve also tried modifying the pivot using the pivot editor but it’s still not working.

Help would be really appreciated! Thanks for listening! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Okay I see what is happening. In Blender go to object - Set Origin - The will be 5 options, Choose one -

. Another way to move your pivot point would be to move the cursor In Blender and then go object - Set Origin - Origin to 3d Cursor
Screenshot 2023-03-29 112721
. Now when you export it to Roblox and it imports incorrectly Go to:
Screenshot 2023-03-29 112144 - This will work for Imported objects and Roblox objects. I hope this helps.


Sounds good, I’m going to try it. I’ll tell you in a moment if it works!

Alright, I’ve set the pivot in Blender like you said in the first option (geometry to origin) and it doesn’t work, the pivot remains the same.
The second option you told me I don’t really understand it, I’ve never used Bender and moving the pivot like that doesn’t seem to work as well, though I may not have been doing it properly.
Finally, Editing the pivot is something I also tried before and that I mentioned in the first post, something that just messed up the whole thing and gave me the same result.
Could you elaborate your response a little bit?
Thank you for your help though.