Mesh texture breaks suddenly after the textures were accepted by roblox

Recently, I’ve been making this game, and the meshes i use have custom textures that are properly uv mapped and work fine in roblox. However, when I upload the textures, they look fine, they work fine, and they’re accepted by roblox. The issue is that when i close studio and reopen studio again, all the sudden some of my meshes have broken textures. Any idea why? This has never happened to me before, and it only happens on a few.

Can you send screenshots of the meshes before and after?

Sadly, I don’t have a before, only an after. But this should give you a general idea, they were free photoscans from Sketchfab.

Are they all using the same texture? This seems to be a situation where Roblox content deleted your texture.

No. They were accepted by roblox, I checked them all. They’re still up. They’re not content deleted. They use different textures.

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go here and see if the image was taken down

if it was taken down youll see stuff like this.

roblox has a tendency to remove things like UV maps randomly, but there’s a way to get em back if ur images were taken down.

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@Kanteerr contact the @Mod_Review_Requests group