Mesh Texture Creation

I was wondering, how can I make a texture for my food mesh?

I use blender 2.79, but if you use 2.8 and want to help me, I can figure out from your explanation.

I have tried to UV unwrap etc but I have had some issues and cant figure out how to texture it.

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I highly recommend you get blender 2.8 it is SO much more intuitive than its predecessor. It is also much simpler when using tools since the GUI includes more of them and you don’t have to know so many key combinations.

plus any models you were working on will get transferred over no problem.

I have Blender 2.8 and 2.7 on my computer.

I use 2.7 cycles for my GFX.

I can use 2.8 for models if its easier. Go ahead and tell me how on there, I know the GUI a bit.

Oh ok, I was under the impression you didn’t have 2.8 at all. I would recommend for textures going onto photoshop or use MS paint to design your textures (although I am sure you knew that already). I really recommend reading a tutorial on either texture paint or UV mapping from blender’s website, they’ll explain it far better than I could. I found this one really helpful:

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Thanks. I have photoshop currently.

I just need to unwrap the texture, so I can color it.


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glad I could help, looking forward to seeing the finished product!

It’s confusing to me since I dont use 2.8

I’ll give you a link to a full explanation on how it works once I have written a post, which I’ll do shortly.

hope this helps you with your project!

Thanks so much! I’ll be sure to tell you if it works.

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