Mesh texture keeps reapplying when I save

I want to remove the texture of the mesh and make it a solid color without having to re-export it from Blender. Whenever I publish or save the game, the texture reapplies itself. I tried Googling this and nothing seems to really be related to this. Another thing I tried was using other textures but it didn’t work and it reapplied the texture again.

Hello there.

I didn’t really understand what you’re trying to achieve, but if you want to remove a texture from a roblox Mesh that you already exported, you can do that in the “Properties” Tab of that Mesh, or just remove the actual texture from Blender before exporting once again.

Sorry if i’ve misunderstood anything, but adding pictures of the issue you’ve been encountering would make it easier.

I have tried that, which is why I am reporting it on here. I’m saying that it automatically puts the texture back on the mesh after I publish or save the place.

Oh, that must be a bug even though i’ve never experienced this issue.
I suggest you to report it in the #platform-feedback:studio-bugs category.