Mesh to MeshPart conversion Plugin

Do you find the process of copy-pasting MeshIds from meshes to a MeshPart tedious? Then this plugin’s for you. Select the parts or meshes you want to convert, then click ‘Convert’ and it’s done.

Also featured in this plugin are some settings for you to tweak, in case you want to use a certain CollisionFidelity or RenderFidelity.

Feedback of any kind is greatly appreciated.

I couldn’t find a plugin like this myself, and apologize if something like this already exists.


This is a clever plugin and it gets rid of some tedious work.

My only feedback would be to restructure how selection works internally; right now you’re using physical StringValues that are manually stuck in a folder. This can be automated using a handy function of Enums, GetEnumValues. This function returns an array containing all EnumItems inside of an Enum. You should use this because, if for some reason Roblox adds/removes Enum values for CollisionFidelity, etc., you should be fine and there would be no work required on your end.

For example,


currently returns an array

    [1] = Default,
    [2] = Hull,
    [3] = Box,
    [4] = PreciseConvexDecomposition

You can use GetEnumItems to retrieve all up-to-date EnumItems for the enums you’re using for selection like CollisionFidelity and RenderFidelity.

I would also use a DockWidget for your UI due to the fact that they can be inset into Studio’s widget UI, but that’s really down to preference.


This doesnțt work for me, when I click both of buttons even if I selected the mesh or the part or not, it doesnt do anything, nor the UI shows

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Hello! This problem should be fixed now. If it persists, let me know!

Yeah I fixed it too. Roblox Studio didn’t ask if I would let yor plugin to use Script Injection, allthough why would it use a script injection?

Oh, the main script parents itself to the setting GUI, that’s probably why.