Mesh transparent faces that support textures

Is there any way to configure a mesh in Blender to have transparent faces but still support decals when imported to Roblox? Transparency on Roblox isn’t an option because it also makes everything see-through:

Essentially I want anywhere textured to show up with a texture, but anywhere not textured (transparent on decal) to be entirely invisible.


In roblox you have to use a special mesh, or make the meshpart .001. Those are the only ways of doing it currently and they are just “tricks”. The meshpart trick is the easiest way, but the special mesh trick is the best way as the solid parts of the texture don’t become transparent as well. But they looking at it studio, they basically both produce the same results

In blender, you have to use a transparency node in the material, but thats just for rendering in blender, it doesnt transfer over to roblox

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Just know that doing this trick will give you some weird rendering issues, you will occasionally have other objects rendered ontop of this “transparent” part and will be able to see decals and surfaceguis through it as if they were configured always ontop

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Yeah that has something to do with the center of mass of on object being what determines its position on a layer. But its the only option we have, theres no other way