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Ok i should add
Asians* then lol

v0.2.3 update - 2024-04-18

Full Changelog: Comparing v0.2.2...v0.2.3 · Name-hw/MeshCreator · GitHub


  • Added Extrude Region tool.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Source code optimization.

와…! this looks very useful. definitely going to be an absolute time saver. i like it!!

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v0.2.4 update - 2024-04-27

Full Changelog: Comparing v0.2.3...v0.2.4 · Name-hw/MeshCreator · GitHub


  • Bug fixes.
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I want to say a bit of things about what you can improve. First, when generating the attachments there is a huge lag. If you are making them by a loop, then you should add this inside the loop
(this is an example, I dont know how you do it)

for vertexID, Pos in pairs(VertexPositions) do
   --here your code
   if vertexID % 100 == 0 then --waits 0.01 seconds every 100 attachments spawned

then when I click an attachment, I keep getting this error. You should check at line 211.

Edit: quick question, how can I regenerate the editableMesh with the string in configurations?

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Thanks for letting me know how to improve, and here’s the code to regenerate the EditableMesh from the configuration.

v0.2.5 update - 2024-05-24

Full Changelog: Comparing v0.2.4...v0.2.5 · Name-hw/MeshCreator · GitHub


  • Added loading window.
  • Optimized the source code of Extrude Region Tool.


  • Changed to have multiple normal values per vertex.
  • Changed the text that appears under the plugin button to ‘MeshCreator (version)’.