Mesher (Optimize Builds)


Create performant builds your way.

How It Works

All you have to do is pick what you would like to make! There are a number of shapes to choose from and many resolutions for each. Lower resolutions have fewer triangles, so for things that require less detail, you can use these to save on your game’s GPU or CPU usage.


So far, you can pick from:

  • Smooth Spheres
  • Poly Spheres
  • Poly Cylinders
  • Smooth Toruses
  • Smooth Cones
  • Beveled Cubes

With more being added along the way.

What’s To Come

This plugin was made as a replacement for my old “Performant Builder” plugin, which was a disaster within itself. This plugin is more intuitive and broad to allow for more accessibility and no risk. So, that means this will also be community-driven, relying on feedback for updates. Feel free to drop ideas in the replies below.

Get It

You can get it here:

Support Me

You can support me on my Patreon for just $1 a month :revolving_hearts:


Interesting plugin. I can see how this can be used in situations where users are unable to have access to external modelling programs like blender.

One thing I’d fix though is the resolution slider -
whenever I try using it I unintentionally select parts behind the UI and end up moving them as I adjust the resolution


Good catch! I fixed this by changing the interface to a widget. Once you update the plugin, this is how it should look:


This also doubles as a benefit to create a better workflow by allowing the slider to be placed anywhere.

Hope this helps!


Looks amazing! Well made @iGottic, as of right now I’m not able to test it but when I do it is going to be useful for me in many aspects of map making