Meshes appear far and scaled differently from where I want them to be

So I’ve started importing cars to roblox, for the roblox car community and for personal slot use, so I need the meshparts to be as exactly well placed as possible for the car to look good, however when I import the car parts, they are all in different places and in different sizes, while in blender theyre all well placed.
The meshes are OBJ. Here’s a picture in studio

and here’s a picture in blender

Hi, this happens because the “Normals” (Faces of the meshes) are facing the wrong way. Roblox only renders the front of the “Normals” while blender renders both sides. This can be a little tricky to fix depending on your mesh but I recmmend that you watch a tutorial about it. Search for something like “How to flip normals in blender” should work.

The problem with the meshes not aligining up might be because you clicked “No” on the position request when you imported the meshes.
If you have problem with this too, I recommend that you google/watch a tutoral on how to import multiple meshes into Roblox studio.

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Hello, I do click yes on the position request, and the normals are fine, the meshes are just wrongly positions and rescaled. Thanks I will try to watch a video now.

Go to edit mode, press a to select all vertices, then click on mesh, then normals, then recalculate normals.

Here’s another resource: